Dell 2950 Poweredge Data Recovery

Recently a Dell 2950 Poweredge serve was hand delivered to our labs, the server setup was Dell Perc controller and 3 x 73GB SAS fibre hard drives, the operating system was Windows 2003 with NTFS.

The actual RAID setup was RAID 5 64 stripe backwards dynamic, the RAID set contained a exchange server and users data, office type data, word, excel etc.

After examining all three disks the RAID was rebuilt with our in house proprietary technology.

After scanning the RAID the MBR and partition information was discovered and the file system was rebuilt, further to this the data was backed up on a 256AES storage device, lastly a full folder and file listing was sent to the client for approval, which they did.

SAS hard drives are usually very reliable and offer many years of service, and are of course the choice to select when building a RAID array, however as they are electromechanical devices they are prone to this failure type as in this instance.

RAID 5 only allows for one hard drive to fail, as was the case here, and depending if it is a parity drive and or a rebuild or attempt has taken place data recovery for end users is not possible, our labs perform RAID recoveries frequently, for all makes such as this Dell Poweredge.

Further to a disk failing the RAID had suffered from a logical issue which halted the O/S from loading and booting the system up, it only requires one sector to be inoperable that is vital to the loading and bootstrap for the system to halt.

If you have a failed or failing Dell Poweredge 2950 with errors messages such as degraded, drive offline or similar non operation error messages please do get in touch today for a solution to recover your business data.

You may be operating your’e Dell server on a non windows environment such as Linux or Unix, again this is no problem as the engineers can deal with EXT/2/3/4 XFS SGS file systems.

It is worth mentioning that a decent UPS be fitted with your Dell server, these will stop any excess voltages, surges or outages that could lead to data loss, in the event of a power down off or outage the system may be setup to auto boot, make sure that the USB com ms cable and required software is connected and installed.

Further advice would be to have suffient extra cooling directly to the hard drives where possible as excess heat can destroy hard drives and disks and degrade performance significantly.

Extra RAM will take the load from the hard drives and store to memory for faster reading and writing of data and over all reliability allowing for a better end user experience and transport of data.


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